Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snow in July

The Phoenix Zoo had a snow day today. Many of the animals got ice or 'snow' with goodies to help beat the heat and relieve some of their boredom. The people got some snow, too, but the hype was bigger than the event, in my opinion.

Little bits of snow and lots and lots of people. This was around 7:30 and it was supposed to last from 7 to 11? I don't think so! Unless they had truckloads waiting to be added.

Long lines for the bouncy water slides

The giraffes had snow in their 'savanah' but seemed unaware or uninterested.
The desert creatures didn't have any snow. I thought all the animals were getting some. Oh well. We left in short time and the zoo lot was already full with the overflow lot starting up. We either need a bigger zoo or something!

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