Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Rather than fight traffic, crowds and the Arizona heat at one the valleys fireworks displays, we chose to stay home on the first fourth I've had off in many, many years.
Jake was happy to have his own 'fireworks' at home.

A celebration to remember! The boys got to climb on the roof and watch fireworks in almost every direction. I think it was more about climbing on the roof than watching fireworks, but I'm sure they'll remember it. The closest celebration at the community college only about 2 - 3 miles off was cancelled (first time in 50 years) but promises a big celebration next year (and guess who has to work).

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Sue Feenstra said...

Did we ever do that in Brookfield? I remember the parking lot of K-mart and I think I remember the roof once...we got to go to a friend's cottage and watch the fireworks from the boat...fantastic!