Friday, January 22, 2010

Cloudy Days

We had some decent rain on Tuesday. One of those long, easy showers we're used to seeing in the winter here in the desert.

We heard more rain was on the way for late Wednesday and all day Thursday. But the sky was clear in the morning and only a few clouds by mid-afternoon.

By sunset there wasn't anything that looked like rain yet.

Still no rain when we went home for the night, but the weather radars were showing a little of what was in store.  It started raining early Thursday and only stopped for a bit mid-day Friday.  Cells and pockets of heavy rainfall, strong winds in the afternoon, and in the late afternoon Thursday there was a tornado watch! That certainly doesn't happen often out here.  Friday's rain was back to a gentler one. In fact, it is still coming down as I'm typing this.  A long winter rain is just what was needed out here after a long drought - something like 10 years of below average rainfall.  Lots of snow in the high country and rain in the lower part of the state should refill the resevoirs quite nicely.

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