Monday, January 18, 2010

Nebraska - the Family

Here's Gail holding Elijah.

Here's Julia looking at me like, "Who are you and why are you taking pictures of me?"

Anna & Julia got along pretty well. Neither could be bothered to slow down for long to get a picture, let alone one of the two together.

Shannon holding Elijah.

The Splonskowski family (Julia giving a kiss to Elijah)

Elijah's smile. Gail captured a bigger smile, I think. Maybe she will have that on her blog...

Anna outside by the sidewalk checking out the snow.

Shay all spiffed up and looking sharp at the wedding!

David & Anne before the wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Gronseth

The happy couple with Mom Gronseth

Gail & Anna at the airport. Both held up pretty well through all the excitement and neither one napped on the plane ride home. (I expected one or both to nod off).

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