Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was moving some big rocks today and under one was a scorpion and a gecko together.  I went to get my camera and the gecko disappeared into a hole.  The scorpion was much better at letting me get some good shots.

From the thickness of the tail and the pincers, I know right off this is not the bark scorpion.  Not that I would be so concerned if it were; I just like to know what things are.  The stripes on the tail help tell me that it is a  Stripe-tailed Scorpion.  It still has venom - just as all spiders have venom and some are more potent than others, all scorpions have venom - but it is not as strong (to people) as the bark scorpion.

This guy was most cooperative in letting me get really close. Hiding under the curved part of the tail is the stinger.

Up close you can see all the tiny hairs that act as sensors.  I'm not sure if they help in determining sounds or scents or a combination of the two....They have sensors on the underside for feeling vibrations along the ground.  As they hunt insects (mostly) those sensors must be pretty sensitive.

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