Monday, January 18, 2010

Nebraska - the Snow

Wandering into the cold (people laughed when I said it felt cold at 27 (F)) and snow was nice - partly because of the novelty of it, and partly because the beauty of it and mostly because I could leave it behind. I had to take some pictures, but we didn't drive around looking for scenic or picturesque shots.  So basically wherever we stopped (and sometimes from the car) I took some pictures.

A light mist or fog settled in and temperatures were just right to form hoarfrost on just about everything outside.

Pretty neat to see close up, but pretty neat to see the trees and branches white with it too.
Looking down the street at Shannon & Dave's house.

An evening shot from Anne's brother Bill's place.

Just down the street from David & Anne's house the next day. Much warmer but still a bit foggy.

Gail became an expert marksman inside Bass Pro Shop and decided to try her hand at a moving target.  Fortunately for me, my cat-like reflexes kept me from harm.

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Gail said...

You're so funny! I missed you because I'm such a bad shot! Nice pics!!