Friday, April 16, 2010

Arches National Park

More sandstone than I knew existed in one state! But it makes for beautiful pictures.
These may look big, but when you see them beside the wall, well...
they aren't so big after all.

Looks like a nice trail down there.

First arch is Delicate Arch. We opted out of the 3 mile hike to it and took pictures from below.
You can see the people around it.

Here's the trailhead we did do.
To Landscape Arch
I guess a large piece peeled off in 1991, so we couldn't go up to it or under it.
Nearby Double O Arch
And more...

Formations were pretty cool also.
Wind had been on and off with good gusts all afternoon.  By the time we left Arches NP the wind had become a regular dust storm.

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Sue Feenstra said...

I REALLY like these...they are beautiful!