Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bryce National Park

Just outside of Bryce National Park we stopped to take these pictures. Such vivid color!

This is a hoodoo. It is formed when erosion removes surrounding sandstone and leaves these tall spires. Eventually, they will topple, but for now they are quite impressive.
This was a close up of one seen from below. 

Inside Bryce we are above looking down at hundreds, even thousands, of these spires.
The weather was so clear that the distant mountains showed up clearly
Shadows got longer as we took pictures, and if it weren't for the shadows I wouldn't have seen the gap in the spire below.
The snow helps to better see the depth and height of the spires. Without it the ground is the same color and some sense of depth is lost. Of course, here the shadows also help.

A bit of a traffic jam on leaving to photograph the young deer feeding right along the road...

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