Friday, April 16, 2010

Monument Valley (Arizona)

Monument Valley is on the Navajo Reservation and a small part extends into Utah. The two mittens shown below and the large monument to the right are all in Arizona.  Some pictures further down show monuments between the left mitten and the right monument. Those in between, from that angle, are all in Utah. The majority of the monuments/valley as well as the Monument itself is in Arizona. You do go into Utah momentarily before turning and reentering Arizona to get into the park itself.

Early morning is not the best time for photos of the mittens.
So we drove out the dirt road a ways.

This may look like a good sized dune, but it isn't very big.

These aren't too far down the road.

Here's the SOCAL cruiser again
not too much worse for wear. The road was pretty bad (and about 15 miles long) so we turned around here.

Two VERY nice views!

One last shot before heading to the Grand Canyon.

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