Friday, April 16, 2010

Canyonlands National Park

First view right across the street from the visitor's center.
A little hazy, but the mountains some 40 miles away are reasonably visible. On a clear day they say visibility is something like 150 miles.

I saw a dirt road that looks like it skirts the rim. I wouldn't think I would like to drive down it.
and later on the 'rim road' switchbacks all the way down to the road in the distance!
no thanks!

Wind (which we would soon discover for ourselves) and rain are major causes of erosion.  Above are lichen patterns in the sandstone.  Don't know if they help or hinder the erosion process, but it seems they can't stay around for terribly long.

Pinyon pines and junipers like this one are about the biggest trees we see.
They sure are hardy.

Flowers like these take advantage of winter rains and mild temperatures to grow and reproduce.

More formations.

New canyons developing even as you read this blog

Here's Scott on this pinnacle looking out over one of the canyons.
The wind had picked up since we got there and a gust blew me onto one foot when I was standing about where he was taking this shot:

Anyhow, there are more things to see here, we just didn't have the time to get to everything!  It was indeed a beautiful place.

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