Wednesday, April 21, 2010


With temperatures climbing into the upper 90's (F) summer can't be far away. Today was a nice change with a cold front and mid-60's.  It won't take long to get back up, though, and the saguaros are starting to bud out so they'll be blooming soon enough.  Until then, there are still other flowers coming into their glory.

Clarret cup at one of Mom's neighbor's yard.


Yucca (not sure of the species) at Tovrea Castle

and a type of Agave
Here's some agave sprouts on the flower stalk.  Sometimes there are seed pods, sometimes sprouts, sometimes both.

Assorted Prickly Pear:

And Cholla


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Great photo´s of flowering cactuses! I have some in my garden up here in Sweden and they looked ok just a couple of weeks ago, but now I´m not sure they´ll make it. My Yucca looks a bit sorry too, but that will make it.

I too like standing where planes are landing, I always get the feeling it is tha last thing I´ll do in life those times :-) :-) Nowdays I live to far away from any bigger aeroports though. The one we have near here only has smaller planes.
Have a great day now!

Arizona Gronseths said...

Thanks Christer, I killed many cacti before realizing that too much water is bad for them! They don't like much cold either...

I hope to get to Norway one day. I can't imagine Sweeden being much less beautiful.