Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Adler Planetarium

After the family reunion it was back to Chicago. We puchased a Chicago Passport and still had some time left to use it. We probably wouldn't have gone to the Adler without the passport. There were some great 3-D images from Mars and lots of things to check out.
The Adler Planetarium in Chicago is an interesting building. Built before Pluto was discovered (in Arizona, btw) the outside of the building depicts 8 planets. With the recent announcement that Pluto no loner qualifies as a planet, the building is once again correct in showing only eight!

The sun is in space, so it seems appropriate to have a solar car on display.

Some pretty powerful telescopes give a view of the buildings in Chicago....These are the twin towers atop the Sears Building.

Erik checks out a grand orrery, named after the forst guy to build one of these intricate clockwork models of the solar system used to show planets in motion.

Isn't this every boy's dream?

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