Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Trip to the Lake

Not THE lake, but rather Dumont Lake, a quiet little lake perfect for a day.
Dave & Jon brought along their boats (and all the following toys)

Shay on the knee-board

Justin on the wake-board

Dave, David & Shay on the big tube

Matt on the single ski

Even got Shawn, Gramma and Jake out on the big tube!

Erik on Uncle Dave's boat with Shay (partially hidden), Abbey and Kelly.

Jake loved the boat ride almost as much as the tube ride!

After some boating and riding it was time for lunch.

Plenty of food for all, thanks to Matt!

Kelly, Amanda and Justin looked after baby Anna.

Erik found Uncle David's DS and got into a game while Justin watched.


Sue Feenstra said...

It's amazing how Shane rode when he wasn't there! I think you mean Shay. I'm loving your recaps. It's fun to read!

Arizona Gronseths said...

I'm sure Shane was with us in spirit!