Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Big Picture!

For the first time in 10 years - The Gronseth Family together, at least in one photo. Well, minus my nephew Shane Gronseth who is now in the Army. And we were together in 2006 for my neice Shannon's wedding to Dave Splonskowski, but weren't able to get everyone together for a photo. Sadly, we are missing Lee, David's wife, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2005 and Dad, who passed in 2007. This would have been a celebration of Mom & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary, and since our calendars had already been cleared, we decided it was about time to have the whole family back together anyhow.

I agree with Gail that it shouldn't be another 10 before we do this again.

OK, from the top: Julia, Shannon (Gronseth) & Dave Splonskowski, Gail & Matt Borst, Sue Parson* and David Gronseth, Mom, Karen & Dan Gronseth, Sue & Dave Feenstra, Jon & Eva VanderWoude

And the kids: Kelly & Abbey Feenstra, Erik Gronseth, Jennifer Feenstra, Shawn & Shay Gronseth, Jakob Gronseth, Justin & Amanda VanderWoude, and Anna Borst.

*Sue Parson is not technically part of the family; she and David met through E-Harmony and he wanted to introduce her to the family. We were glad to have met her. She's a super nice lady. She lost her husband to lung cancer a couple years ago.

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