Thursday, July 10, 2008

Science & Industry

The Museum of Science & Industry is too big to try to take in in one day. We got through a few things, but had to move pretty fast. There are several buildings all connected, each with its own theme. The huge German sub was pretty cool, but too dark for a good picture.

They had working periscopes sticking up outside the building to 'spy' on unsuspecting passersby.

Erik tried his hand at a signal light. I think he was signalling 'send money.' Must be preparing for college already.

There was a small space exhibit. I like this display of a future moon station. There is a man in a space suit outside the hatch to give a sense of scale.

Jake found time to play.

Kind of blurry, this is Erik standing amid the displays of a 727, several other planes a land-speed record-setting rocket and a train. A scale model of Chicago is behind him with a number of model trains. The trains go around or through the mountains and behind the mountains is a scale model of Seattle. Pretty cool.

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